I want to thank you for all the wonderful opportunities you have given me by your dedication to Blossomforth. Although I haven't been able to attend many sessions this year, I do intend to make it to many more in 2015. Your graciousness is fully enjoyed by all who are invited into your lovely home.

What a difference you have made in my life! [Blossomforth] is a safe, sacred haven where dreams are nurtured.

… being in your presence is like being wrapped in Love. You inspire me!

You have changed my life …. You have been an inspiration, a support, a challenger, …

How grateful I am that our paths have crossed for you have made a lasting difference in my life!

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this morning's meditation class. The seed theme, fear, definitely resonated with me having spent most of yesterday dealing with that subject and because of the class, most of my problem is solved. I particularly like the way you lead the class and learning from the others in the group. So glad that you are bringing so many wonderful classes to our area. You are a blessing to so many.