Health and Well-Being Presentations

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Health and Well-Being Presentations

These events put you in touch with products and services of local practitioners. Presentations and conversations may address skin care, proper nutrition and exercises, how to prepare for doctor visits, and other health concerns of health-conscious women.

Reiki Healing and Training

Reiki healing or energy healing is not related to one religion or culture but is found in most traditions called by different names. Energy healing goes beyond the range of orthodox or conventional methods and does not interfere with other treatment modalities. Reiki is not an alternative to medical treatment. Rather it supports and assists all traditional healing modalities, making them as effective as possible.

Reiki classes, levels I, II, and Master level, are offered periodically. Reiki classes train individuals to be channels for transmitting the energy that heals.

Reiki Healers

Marti Giese

Smiling face of Marti

M.A., MDiv, Esoteric studies teacher and spiritual counselor, activates and supports natural healing by channeling energy in both the Spiritual Healing and the Reiki traditions.

703-369-2606 (Country code 1, USA east coast)

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Donna Carrol

Smiling face of Donna

B.S., Interfaith minister, Reiki master, and writer, is dedicated to providing holistic healing to help others, using Reiki and Spiritual Healing processes.

703-298-7443 (Country code 1, USA east coast)

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To schedule your healing appointment, please send requests to Marti.