Soul Path Workshops

There are several different ways we stretch ourselves spirituality.

Look for the coral icons on our events page.

  • Tuesday Morning Meditations: On alternate Tuesday mornings we hold meditation and discussion groups centering on topics that support enlightened thinking and action in everyday life. Meditation relieves stress, improves sleep, and increases overall sense of well-being. The practice of meditation affords us access to our higher selves and opens a pathway for receiving helpful inner guidance. This winter we contemplate seven themes of prosperous living, guiding principles for living rich and purposeful lives.
  • Development of Your Natural Gifts: We learn how our natural sensitivities are a gateway to communicating with our inner wisdom. We build understanding of the special way Spirit works with us through individual and group activities. Attending often brings steady growth. For these kinds of offerings, bring a notebook to document your progress. All levels of development are welcome.
  • Workshops, Training, and Special Presentations: Guest speakers join us as we peek behind the veil of form by exploring topics that expand our awareness of unseen energies and how they affect us and our world. Presentations are always followed by a lively discussion. The workshops and trainings prepare you for the energetic work you want to do and are presented by experienced practitioners.

The groups provide a welcoming and enriching environment for people who want to explore their spirituality through intimate, small group participation.

There is a charge for some events. For details, see the Events page.

For more information, contact Marti.